Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR), in its simplest definition, is applying a digital layer over the real world. Marketers can tap this amazing technology to not only wow an audience, but allow interaction with their brand or product unlike anything previously available. Applications include demonstrating a product, training, and trade show traffic generation, among many others Wearable technology, such as Google Glass, will transform the way people interact with products and services in the future.

Augmented Reality is a technological concept that enables users to experience the world around them as it is, but with additional layers of digital content on top (such as images, sound, video and text). With our lives becoming more and more digital every day, there is an increasing need to bridge between our physical and digital worlds, letting us interact seamlessly with both worlds at the same time. Mason Digital's vision will allow people to naturally interact with augmented content in their physical surroundings.

Visuals are an important part of advertising, so it's not surprising that so many companies are seeking tools that visualize their products in a more memorable way.

Mason Digital aims to promote the use of Augmented Reality as a key strategic marketing communications tool and to support marketers in making Augmented Reality a part of their integrated marketing communications.